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  1. When I receive the email from Community Hive every day it shows multiple entries for each topic, i.e. one for every reply to a topic. This should really only show one entry and the number of replies it has had, or maybe show an excerpt of the first and most recent posts. Point being, if I click on the link I am going to hopefully go to the first unread post in that topic. I don't see the reason for showing a link to every reply in the email.
  2. Thank you, Charles - this is now working. :)
  3. This is a commendable project and I hope that it gains steam. Social media needs to have its lunch eaten now, this is a good way to do it.
  4. My logo is black and white and I down sized it to about 50kb, but still it won't work.
  5. Any feedback on this yet? It is the only thing that is preventing me from announcing this to my community. I can't have them thinking I am a big hair lady.
  6. I am keen to test this on my blog.
  7. My logo is 70kb. It will not upload to this site in either .jpg or .png format.
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