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  1. If you have not installed the add-on yet... be aware it "registers" apparently under your User #1 account... so if you (like me) have set up a separate actual user account for normal admin/everyday use... you will only find your CH account under the email registered for User #1 in your XF user accounts. Once I figured that out, I was able to get the site set up... it's under review right now tagged with astronomy & astrophotography.
  2. OK... to confirm.... appears that this add-on FORCES the use of the user #1, which in my case is a generic (and rarely used) admin account. I create a separate user account for my normal activities AND use it for my admin/moderator processes (and this post simply proves that point as it's under Tracy Perry (the admin@ email account) and the post above is my "normal" XF admin account on my site.. and THIS account does have the info for the site present. This add-on should really allow the user to elect/select what user to set up as "admin" under.
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