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  1. How will spam be handled? I'm assuming the content is grabbed fairly quickly and it would not be the first time a spam account gets in and posts "leaked XXX photos....etc etc" to get clicks. Will this post get grabbed and our community banned as an RSS-style feed will work before a mod can see a reported topic and delete it? On a side note, how would a post like this one get handled that mentions XXX Photos, but clearly not explicit content.
  2. I was able to do a temp fix by dropping my logo to around 20-30kb (I used Photoshop "reduce to 8bit color" to achieve this if that helps. Now my only hurdle is being stuck in review for the past 3 days.
  3. That was the issue. A smaller version went through no issue at all. Although I do think something is wrong here as my first logo (the one that worked) was 83kb and the second (the one that failed) was 73kb.
  4. Hello, I added my first site and everything went great. But then I added my second site and I am unable to upload an icon for it. There is not error or anything to point out what the issue is. It lets me select the image and uploads it to the little prompt screen, but when I select Upload, it just doesn't add it. I tried different browsers, even mobile, and nothing.
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