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  1. BandiRoot - Awesome, thanks for the update! If there are others facing the same problem, please inform us of your site name so we can proceed with a "reset."
  2. I wouldn't say it's dead! 🙂 But with the end of the year quickly approaching, we've had to adjust our priorities slightly to assist in other areas. We're looking forward to regrouping at the beginning of the new year!
  3. Sites that you manage or own are automatically followed by you and will not appear in the Discover section. You do have the option of unfollowing your site in your account settings. Good news, I can see content from Code Forum show in my Discovery feed!
  4. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We have a fix currently under review that should address this issue. Meanwhile, we have updated the audience setting for your sites to 'General Audience', so everything should be in order now.
  5. @BandiRoot - Can you try enabling Hive on your Moonflower Society site now? Please let us know if you see any errors or have the same issue as before. Thank you for your patience!
  6. Hello All, Apologies for the slow response but we are looking into this and should have an update soon!
  7. Thank you all for bringing this to our attention! It appears to be a bug affecting logged-out users. We're working on a fix and should have it resolved shortly.
  8. We've added a place so you can link communities to a different account. This is helpful when you enable CH on multiple communities that all use their own email address. On the account page (here) - you should see a gear icon in the top right. Right now we only have one additional setting in the dropdown but it's a link to link to link ... to link a community to your account. We'll add a new section in the Community Managers about section on CH soon!
  9. The Discover Feed should only be showing you content from communities you don't follow as long as you are logged in. 😬
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