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  1. If I visit the Community Hive website, articles and posts from my site appear in a timely fashion. The e-mail I receive, however, only sends me stuff from Oct/Nov 2023. The daily e-mail seems to be the same few posts/articles over and over again each week.
  2. Will the pricing be per site or per account?
  3. I'd like to see a catalog page that lists all of the sites per tag... some way I can see what's out there even if the site isn't that active.
  4. I think something is still wonky. Clicking on the site name in Discover just opens another tab of Hive. Clicking on the thread title operates as expected.
  5. That gets me back to my suggestion from a few weeks ago regarding what content I want to share to Hive. Right now, the most active thread on my site is about watches, not cars.
  6. Just a consolidated place to put suggestions as we test Community Hive on our sites. Some site names might not be immediately obvious as to the subject matter. Add a field for site owners to add a small description about their community, probably no more than 300 char, that will show up as a tooltip when hovering over the site name in Discover. So, for example, the Lynchburg Police Foundation might have "The Lynchburg Police Foundation was created to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with our community and promote excellence in police services." from their About page. Allow us to edit the text in this new block:
  7. That's cool! I'm just saying to cluster all sorts of vehicles under one and make it broader than "cars"
  8. I better get writing, then! Can't wait! Also, just a note that the "cars" category might want to become broader and be called "Vehicles and Transportation" or some such, and then it could include boats, planes, trains, and more. My Wordpress site will be on Motorcycles.
  9. Could we see a mute button for sites in discover that we're definitely not interested in following? For example, a site in Italian that is dedicated to turtles I could mute so that I never see it in discover.
  10. I'm not quite ready to add it yet. But I'm game in the next few days.
  11. That seems to only be happening for that one site.
  12. Will we get unread indicators as well? I know this was something IPS was working on for the PWA for iOS
  13. LOL just registered to ask!
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