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  1. Right now the Discover Tab is set up to show a feed of content across selected categories. I love this as an option to find and get right to the content, but as more communities get integrated it might get difficult to find communities you would like to follow. I wouldn't be surprised if this is already in the roadmap, but it would be a great addition to include a directory of communities by category, as well.
  2. I also have a site about Motorcycles (despite recently selling my bike 😔). I think automotive would be a good stand-in until the AI magic gets up and running. I hate complicating things, but I want to add to the thought bucket. The community I'm building is intended to target multiple categories (Sports, Gaming, TV and Movies, Technology). I might be an exception, but if there is a large number of multi-category communities, maybe one day there can be a primary category that's selected by the community manager, where AI can step in to categorize the individual content. I'm no expert when it comes to AI, so I might be just talking nonsense.
  3. The announcement this morning alongside the Invision Community Beta update made my day. I'm looking forward to watching the platform grow and mature.
  4. This feels very well thought out. Thank you for your efforts in making communities more discoverable.
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