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  1. Yes, it looks like it pulled immediately after installation before I had the change to set from which contents. Now it works fine and pulls only from the allowed sections, but the old data from the first pull is still in.
  2. Hello, I installed the latest IC Beta today and activated the Community Hive. Now when I look at my feed, the first article is from 2 days ago, then one from 2 weeks ago and then one from 6 days ago. It only contains content from a single pages database that I use as a blog, no forums or other contents. Which brings me to the next question... After activation BEFORE I was able select what I wanted to be listed, it seems that content from ALL areas got fetched. So for example also a database that I use as a Wiki and should not appear there. How do I get those entries out out of the feed, it was actually never selected by me? Best regards
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