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  1. Maybe more about IPS forums. While following 'Community Hive' all I see is a lot of input about Xenforo.
  2. @Matt You mentioned in the introduction were included and more integrations were coming. I was just wondering how these others are fairing as I'm not seeing any submissions from them yet. And what are the other platforms you are considering?
  3. Yes they do show in both Follow and Discovery. But if your looking for someones site, there is no search option other than going through all the tags to find it.
  4. What's the tag your site is under? That's the problem I see with having tags only in Discover. It doesn't give a clue to what the site is about. I'd have to click on all the tags to find something of interest instead of viewing site listings.
  5. We need a motorcycle group category
  6. Needs another 'Category' for motorcycles
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