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  1. Unfortunately not, sorry mate. I'm sure someone will assist you with this though.
  2. Hi @georgebkk, Community Hive is certainly not dead. The team have all their focus and time on the new v5 release of Invision Community which they have been very active with. You can get all the updates on the official community at Invision Community Insider.
  3. No problem at all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 🥳
  4. There is a notice on the Invision Community website advising support services will be limited over the Christmas and New Year holiday period, however platform services are always monitored 24/7, but any non-critical issues may see response delays. This goes from 22 December to 2 January.
  5. The team would definitely not invest the time and effort to release Community Hive without having a long-term plan for the service. You'll likely see some updates in the new year following v5. 😉
  6. Not to mention the time, focus and amount of work involved with Invision Community 5... 🥳
  7. Great initiative! This will be another avenue for communities to engage and appeal to a greater audience beyond what they're already doing. Great work Invision Community. 😉 I'm really keen to see how this grows in the future. No doubt it will assist the community in finding resources, applications and plugins having read about the marketplace closure. It's all just a really positive development in my opinion. Well done!
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