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  1. "health-and-fitness" or "mental-health"
  2. That explains that! I am indeed following it! Thank you for joining, hopefully can be of some help to you
  3. Hi Charles, great work. Much better implementation. I have however noticed that since the change, my community no longer shows in the discover feed using the assigned tags. Any idea? In my ACP the site_key etc fields have vanished too.
  4. I am currently running PHP 8.2.8. This happens when trying to follow other communities, not just my own.
  5. Charles, I am not running PHP 7.x at the time of errors I was running 8.0.30 and now I am running 8.1.x.
  6. 8.0.30 to be precise. What is the minimum version you recommend?
  7. I am running an 8.0 branch.
  8. My error log is starting to fill up with this error:
  9. Last question, honest. How long until approval / I can see my community in the discover feed?
  10. Have you got ‘the bug’ back?
  11. Excellent. Great to see you around Jay. How’re you doing? @Charles am I right in thinking that websites are manually approved by Community Hive before they are added to the feed?
  12. Did you sign up here using the default contact email from your XenForo settings?
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