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32 minutes ago, Marshall said:

The Discover Feed should only be showing you content from communities you don't follow as long as you are logged in. 😬

Mixed up my terminology.  

The Following Feed only shows content from my communities.  I know that sounds highly logical and reasonable, but unless I go out of my way to Discover feed, I won't be discovering new communities. 

There needs to be inclusion in the Following feed in some manner for either community or new content.  Something like, every X content items, a block of suggested similar communities or a block of similar content or a block of popular content.  

The design goal should be to highly incentivize the user to follow a certain threshold of communities (whether that's 5 or 10 or 20) that gives his following feed enough interesting algorithmic content.  

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That sort of functionality will start to show up as we get out of the beta stage. We might even sell sponsored listing targeted based on preferences.

But since we’re privacy-first it will always be done in a very high level, broad based approach. I don’t like being tracked and won’t be having our team writing code to track people.

The next updates will add mute functions. When you combine “types of communities you follow” with “types of communities you mute” then you can get a good guess on suggested communities without us having to build some invasive tracking system 🙂 

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