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How long till a site gets listed on the main page?


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I just signed up and got registered (xenforo)and can see some of my posts showing up while signed under my account, but when I go to the page not signed in I do not see anything under the Animals & Nature, one of the categories I marked for my site. Just wondering if the site itself has to be approved.

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New sites will not show in Discover view unless you adjust the setting that Matt is pointing out above.

Also, the Discover view uses the "guest" or not-logged-in permissions for your community. That is polled at different times than logged-in permissions and it varies how often it polls based on many factors.

TL;DR: Give it about an hour after your audience selector is approved 🙂 

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4 hours ago, Tracy said:

Looks like I simply needed to change the settings for the audience, save it then do it again for general audience... now let's see if any content shows up.

So, I tried this.  It looks like it works, but if you try to find your feed you will see you are not listed, then when you return to your settings you will be back under review.

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12 hours ago, Charles said:

Right now we are manually reviewing sites as we do not (yet) completely trust the AI 😉 

What!!!! You don't know be by now!  😝

I had a feeling it might be something like that so that's why I didn't worry to much.  

Once the update comes out that lets you pick your correct email to use, will we simply upgrade the add-on or will we need to uninstall and then go back through the entire process again?

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