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Audience Age Change


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We are deploying a change to audience age restrictions that impacts both you as a community manager and as a community member:

Community Managers

Your community audience options are simplified to: do not show in Discover feed, content is not explicit, content is explicit. With "explicit" meaning adult-oriented content.

Community Members

A simple opt in/out for explicit content.


We will be using AI-based detection for explicit content. If a community has self-identified as NOT explicit but is found to be publishing explicit content, the system will remove their community from Discover feed permanently. So be truthful 😉 

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How will spam be handled?  I'm assuming the content is grabbed fairly quickly and it would not be the first time a spam account gets in and posts "leaked XXX photos....etc etc" to get clicks.  Will this post get grabbed and our community banned as an RSS-style feed will work before a mod can see a reported topic and delete it?

On a side note, how would a post like this one get handled that mentions XXX Photos, but clearly not explicit content.

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When you delete spam on your community (or delete/hide content for any reason), the Community Hive plugin in your community will tell the system so it's purged from your feed as well.

The same is true if you were to move a post from a public to private area. The plugin tells Community Hive to remove it or update its permissions.

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