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Search and Community Profiles


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The first versions of Search and Community Profiles are now deployed.


Community Profiles

You can now view a static profile of every community on Community Hive. The About text can be edited in your account managed page for each community you manage.

This is just the start of Community Profiles. We plan to:

  • Make these profile pages more SEO friendly to encourage search engine discovery of your community
  • Allow searching for community About content
  • Discover feed will suggest Community Profiles in addition to content when filtering by tags
  • Clean up the look and feel so it's more appealing
  • Allow community managers to highlight "best of our community" content examples

We hope you can enjoy and appreciate the direction with Community Profiles. We look forward to providing more updates over the next few weeks!



You can now search for content across all communities on Community Hive to find a community talking about a subject you are interested in!

Future enhancements will include:

  • Multi-language support
  • Search both content and Community Profiles
  • Tag suggestions when a search term matches a tag
  • Exclude your hidden communities from the search results
  • Type-ahead and smart search suggestions
  • Real-time trending content suggestions


Search and Community Profiles are two big additions that will enhance Community Hive's goal of allowing people to discover and follow communities. We look forward to future updates!

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