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So, where do I manage my community's enrollment and such?


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I already had a Community Hive account as a user.  I enabled the integration for my Invision community, using the same email address if that matters.

Where do I go now to do these things that @Charles described in the Invision announcement:  "set your categories and indicate what age-group your community is targeted for. You can also control what types of content is shown on Community Hive. "  ?



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One issue (at least for my account) is that my custom tags don't show any traffic... even though I know that I have posted on the site in areas that should be reflected.  I had an issue originally with the fact that the add-on used the #1 user account for "registering" for CH.... but the #1 user account in my XF install is a "default admin" that never gets used, as that is done by a separate account.

Do I need to remove the account and add-on and start over again?  @Charles was supposed to have linked the admin account that the site was originally set up under over to my current account (which I can manage it in my current account).  I just see no traffic showing up for the custom tags I provided for the site (astrophotography, astronomy and space).

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On 9/29/2023 at 4:56 AM, Adriano said:

I can't find this:


Am I missing any configuration/setting? HIve is enabled on my board.

This could be that your settings email for Invision Community is not the same as the email you’ve used to register on CH. If they are not the same, you won’t see your community to manage. Happened to me as well. I had my company generic email on IC but signed up on CH with my personal company email. 

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Thats also my problem...

I have 3 forums/sites - all with Hive Add-on (Xenforo) and at all sites my used admin-account is not the number one member-ID and on every site I use another email-adress and on Hive I have used a 4th email-adress (my personal).
So with Charles help I can mangage one site but not my two other sites.

I think that is a miss planed function to force using member account one AND the same email-adress at the own admin account and here on Hive. For me that will be also litle a safty risc to use on multiple platforms the same email as for my admin accounts at my forums.

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We've added a place so you can link communities to a different account. This is helpful when you enable CH on multiple communities that all use their own email address. On the account page (here) - you should see a gear icon in the top right. Right now we only have one additional setting in the dropdown but it's a link to link to link ... to link a community to your account.


We'll add a new section in the Community Managers about section on CH soon! 

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