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When we were developing Community Hive, one of our main goals was to put privacy first.

Basic privacy:

  • On communityhive.com, no cookies are set if you are just browsing.
  • If you login, just one cookie is set to authenticate your access.
  • We do not set any other cookies so no annoying cookie banners are needed. (Ironically, except on talk.communityhive.com which has its own cookie policy.)
  • We do not track you by IP. There are IP-based flood protections in place but they are not attached to anything identifying a person and are temporary data just for security.
  • You can delete your entire account in account settings and we instantly purge all your data.
  • Your email address is the only personal data we store.

Privacy of community members:

  • When you click Follow on a community and are directed to Community Hive, the community you came from shares your email with us but that is only for convenience. It is just used to pre-populate the confirmation page and is then deleted.
  • You can override the pre-shared email address or, if you already have a Community Hive account, attach the follow that way. Either way, the community you followed is never told what email you end up using.
  • If you choose Follow Anonymously on a community, it really is anonymous. The community manager is never given your email address.

Privacy for community managers:

  • Your community only shows in Discover view if you opt-in
  • Only content viewable by visitors who are not logged into your community will show in Discover view.
  • If you move (or delete) content so it's not longer viewable by not logged in visitors, your community plugin will tell Community Hive to make that change.
  • If you change a member's permissions or delete/ban a member, the plugin will tell Community Hive to reset the follower's permissions.
  • Your syndicated content is only stored as a snippet of text and only stored for a few days before purged.


By thinking about privacy from day one and not being one of those companies that try to overzealously track your every move, we are making sure Community Hive can be a trusted platform for both community members and managers.

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